• Milos Dunjic

Welcome To PAYDEOLOGY (@paydology) !

I had been toying with this idea for some time, although I wasn't really sure that the world needs yet another typical payments portal, like,,,, Financial IT, etc. They are all excellent sources of payments industry news, industry buzz and thought leadership articles. I have personally contributed articles that were published on many of them.

Why PAYDEOLOGY then? Well, I have been directly asked by couple of my LinkedIn connections, why don't I, instead of continuing to publish views and ideas elsewhere (including my own LinkedIn profile), launch separate basic blog portal and start publish there?

Ok, I do not aspire to be the next Bret King, Chris Skinner, Jim Marous or Dave Birch, simply because I do not consider myself being a futurist, although my team at TD Bank and I do hatch and build cool, often futuristic payments prototypes. I do however enjoy writing down my thoughts (when inspired by something I read, experienced or saw) about anything digital payments related and am not shy to publish them. I occasionally also speak and present at conferences, (of course) with my still present Eastern European accent ;-).

All great fun, but my own portal? Yes, I must admit that I had desire to eventually try something of my own for a while one day. But, I was unsure why and how to make it different? After some thinking I concluded that the world of payments portals may be lacking and definitely needs just basic, honest, raw, and fresh blog portal. Just ideas, honest thoughts, and nothing else. They do not have to be right, but they are mine and I am offering them to you. No industry news, no marketing, no executive and startup pitches, no hype. Plain as plain it can be. No pressure to publish every day 5 new articles. Low cost (free) and low maintenance (myself for now). Mainly focusing on interesting enough ideas to trigger discussions, elicit opinions and stimulate innovation thinking.

What's in the name? Why PAYDEOLOGY? Well everyone who knows me, knows that I like to play with and twist words. Payments + Philosophy = PAYLOSOPHY ... great one, but it was already taken! I am obviously not the only one having fun by twisting and combining words. Payments + Philanthropy = PAYLANTROPHY ... unfortunately the same situation. PAYMENTOLOGY? Sorry ... taken ...

Then I tried ... Payments + Ideology = PAYDEOLOGY? BINGO! FREE - both name and domain! It is cool enough and it perfectly matches the nature of what I am trying to do. I like it... could not resist. Got it. Decision made. It is all going to be about my (and yours one day) Payments Ideology ... yes, we all have one. Why not capture our PAYDEOLOGICAL moments? Why not make it fun and brainstorming? Done. I am sold ... and I am starting it.

Even my very basic html design skills won't stop me ... you may not like the current design ... I do not really care ;-) ... ideas is what matters. Views ... an Ideology... PAYDEOLOGY ... debate ... discussion.

Respectfully only. And here we are. Welcome to the place where my (and possibly yours) paydeology will be nurtured. In case you get inspired and want to join, to help me with improving the design and site features, or maybe publish your own thought leadership content (or discussing it with me first over coffee via email, Skype, Viber or Slack, on the weekend) you are more than welcome. Who knows? Maybe this thing grows beyond my and your wildest imaginations. Maybe we over time build innovative and fun payments community around common PAYDEOLOGY?

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