• Milos Dunjic

Stop being an INVENTORY - Become an INVENTOR

Not sure if you are aware of it yet, but your company needs your help. Yes - it needs every employee's help - and that includes YOURS as well. If you do not try to engage, the internal and external competitors will outrun you.

Is this easy to do? Not necessarily. Is it simple? Nope. Is it possible? Definitely - it is a YES.

So - stop being an INVENTORY, make an effort and become an INVENTOR. Don't just complain if something is not working or is too complex and expensive at the moment, try to think of a clever way to improve on it and don't be shy to share your idea with others.

Most established companies (and many ambitious startups too) have expert team which is responsible for handling patentable innovations. Talk to them, share your thoughts and what you came up with. You will be asked to document it clearly in your own words and diagrams. You will also most likely be challenged, as part of the process, after they conduct initial patent search, with possible 'prior art' (i.e. someone had similar idea before you).

Don't get discouraged. It is normal. It will also help you refine your original idea and go around the obstacles. Do multiple iterations of the idea. Be aware that other people think too and that they invent as well. Lots of people come up with similar ideas.

You will need to invest significant time to learn, analyze and read a lot, in order to develop deep domain expertise. That mainly and usually includes time outside of work hours, i.e. weekends and evenings. The great ideas usually don't come up just like that! It is very rare, and almost impossible. You will definitely need to fully understand the challenge. It isn't always clear cut, as you may realize that there are usually good reasons why things are currently organized the way they are. But that should not discourage nor stop you and your company from filing the patent which approaches the same challenge differently. Be aware that idea may not be able to be implemented immediately. But if your company gets patent granted, you collectively will be able to take your time and do it at your own pace, rather than react.

There is also another very attractive and motivating reason for becoming an INVENTOR, rather than just 'chug along' as a company INVENTORY. It is LOTS OF FUN - definitely much more fun, than being treated just as a liability on company's balance sheet.

Good news is that no one is born to be an inventor. We all can and shall make an effort to become one in today's economy. If we do not, there is no one to blame for being left behind. For sure, it is not trivial, and it involves a lot of hard work, but it is worth, because when it happens, everybody benefits. You become satisfied, happy employee, with clear purpose, looking forward to your every day in the office. You basically behave like 'an owner' and 'innovate with purpose'. The company, on the other hands, gets the engaged workforce and also gains valuable Intellectual Property (IP), in the process of being constantly challenged to reevaluate its current direction and processes. Clear example of win-win.

In conclusion, my last two questions are:

  1. If not YOU, then WHO?

  2. If not NOW, then WHEN?

Think about it and your life may be changed forever.

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